Monday, August 22, 2011




one word...Brooklyn


...tassled loafers

...back to school

...Gotta have Jacks on

... Sneak Preview


...A memorable league

I was fortunate enough to have worked with my good friend Nichol Brooklyn and was able to have a first hand look at what Ivy League was all about. Kept away in Norwood Parade it was my first time venturing into a store which I have herd good things about. At first I was captivated by a vintage automobile within the store which set the tone for what I thought was a perfect theme in menswear. The collegiate vibe that had mixed message seem to invoke a lot of detail and care within the clothing itself and the store. Causal threads to one side with fitted suits to the other really shows the diversity in range that Ivy has to offer but still encapsulate a clean and authentic embodiment of a Americana, maritime/college style.
Store owner Luke as I had meant him is a great guy, he was very passionate about his products and ideals which really functions as a good reason to see what Ivy League offers. I was finally able to implement some style traits which I had and give reasonable feedback to what worked for a spring/summer outlook. It was fun working as I was helping to style a good friend of my, Osama which made time fly very quickly. What you see Osama wearing is just a small section of what Ivy League has installed but we can’t show you everything. You might have to make this store your next visit and get schooled with a college affair which…is my league, your league, our league… Ivy League


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