Tuesday, March 22, 2011

autumn minimalism...

Autumn is creeping in slowly and the fall of the summer heat will die down.... but not yet. The minimalism style in summer looks is key to sporting a well groomed look that ecapsulate both simplicity and modern mans style.

This look was affectively formed due to the change in weather and the afluent neighbourhood which personifies a detailed and sophisticated arrangement. The shirt is my own design i wanted a finer white but this was good enough, paired with the cub collar influeneced by Frank Sinatra.

The backpack is a vitange piece which i found on my day to day voyage, which is key in 2011 mens trends for acessories. The shoes are vintage esquire wingtips aslo known as brougues to you Gorden Gekko fans.

Hopefully....their will be some males sporting this style but we will never know.

.....peace from CC your freindly neighbourhood gentlemen

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Anonymous said...

Love the backpack.